Celebrating 5 yrs: Q&A with Casey Loomis

Celebrating 5 yrs: Q&A with Casey Loomis

photo-29Kinected turns 5 this August! In celebrating this milestone, we’re celebrating the people who have helped the studio to grow and make it feel like a home. Casey Loomis has been in various administrative roles since 2008, including Front Desk, co-manager, education manager, and currently education outreach. She recently contributed an amazing piece of her visual art to the studio that you’ll have to check out next time you’re in:) Since she knows the studio — and staff — inside and out, we asked her to share her valuable insight about the studio’s evolution & continual co-habitation of Kinected & Kane School. 

Kinected: How long have you worked at Kinected?

Casey Loomis: Almost 5 years…holy cow!!

K: What brought you to Kinected?


CL: While spending a few weeks in the city one summer while I was in college I happened to take a private session at the then Kane School and was totally blown away. The information I gleaned from that one session changed the way I thought about movement and dance in a very fundamental way. When I moved to the city after college one of the first things I did was walk into the Kane School (then in transition to becoming Kinected) and ask if they were hiring at the front desk. Sure enough, they were. And the rest is history!

K: What’s your favorite Pilates-related activity to do at the studio?

CL: My rare and magical private sessions with Dianne. I’ve been working with her for a few years now. Our sessions are incredibly direct and efficient; I don’t know what I’d do without them!

K: How have you seen the studio evolve?

casey FD

CL: Kinected has truly grown into the integrative wellness center it set out fromthe beginning to be. Matt & Carrie have always sought ways to bring the movement and medical worlds closer together and with programs like FAMI, living anatome, TRIARQ, the FAMI app, onsite PT and Rolfing® services, and I believe they have done just that.

K: What is your favorite thing about coming to the studio?

CL: Let’s see…the bright, cheerful space, the super star staff, the dedicated & friendly clientele, the voracious students…tough one but I think it would have to be the staff. I really admire and adore everyone that works there!!

K: How have you seen the integration between Kinected and the Kane School evolve and impact one another?

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CL: Kinected’s programs & services and the Kane School’s teacher training program continually fortify one another. I think one thing people often find so remarkable about the studio is the rigorous educational environment. I believe the Kane School provided the fertile ground necessary for Matt & Carrie to sow the seeds for their wildest educational dreams in service of both clients and instructors. It also continues to encourage the kind of engrossed conversation and ongoing teaching that you see daily in the studio: from director to instructor, among instructors, from instructor to student, and among students.

K: Describe one of your favorite memories.

CL: The first thing that comes to mind is the video we made for Carrie right before her son, Jules, was born. We have a brief history of making silly videos at the studio and with this one we really went all out. The key players were instructor Jenn Cadden, studio manager Heidi Brewer, FAMI faculty member Stephanie Pieczenik Marango, Kinected friend Emily Voorhees and me. I laughed so hard while filming that my water almost broke…you’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean

Editor’s note: This may be a personal favorite:

Stay tuned for future features with clients & staff, fun facts about our family abroad, and more!  Come & visit us on Monday, 8/5, for our kick-off celebration — $5 off classes all day long, sweet treats from Enlightened, and a raffle to be entered to win Kinected swag!
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