Celebrating 5 yrs: Q&A with Harvey Kent

Celebrating 5 yrs: Q&A with Harvey Kent

This August, Kinected turns 5! As we celebrate this milestone, we are celebrating all of the wonderful clients, staff & admin that have come together as family and make the studio feel like a home. Harvey Kent has been a faithful client since we opened our doors as a business.  Harvey sheds light on his journey at the studio, including some fun instructor anecdotes:)

Kinected: What brought you to Kinected?

Harvey Kent: I really wanted to find something to address my increasing lack of flexibility. Ulterior motive was to be able to golf better. I knew that flexibility and strength were key ingredients. After discussing with many people, I started gravitating towards Pilates as a solution. A conversation with Jackie Vanover, a co-worker and friend, sealed the deal. So I gave Kinected and Pilates a try.

Kinected: What instructors have you seen since coming to the studio?

foam rollersHK: Annette was my first. I will never forget her. Sigh. She finished my first session by putting me on the roller. Why, I asked myself, would anyone want to cause themselves this much pain!?! (I really would have preferred a cigarette or something. LOL). Seriously, she will be in my book forever. I bet I roll 4-5 times/week now. How did I live without it?

Yuki. So, I was always asking questions (I still do.) I believe that she wanted to ask me something like, “why do you ask so many dumb questions?”…but she would never be that impolite! I do remember asking her whether I was supposed to engage my abs for some exercise. Again, the dumbfounded look at my stupidity with the answer “you ALWAYS use your abs for EVERYTHING”. I try never to forget that!

Erin was a wonderful teacher. Sorry to see her head West!

Iolet was my next. Ahh. We had some wonderful private moments together sitting on that hard ball while she taught me to target the most sensitive and fun areas of the anatomy! And, I thought the roller was painful.

Which brings me to Dianne. My teacher now for, well it must be 3 years. Who cares more than Dianne? Haven’t found that person yet. In every way, every week, she lets me know that she is planning and plotting out my program. Together, I have made incredible progress. It seems that every month, we are both amazed at something that I can do now. It’s a great feeling.


My interview wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about a winter afternoon arranged by Matt and me. My golf pro came to the studio to teach Matt, Dianne and Iolet all about the golf swing. They got to see the right way (that would be Greg) and the ‘other’ way (that would be me).

So, ‘above and beyond’ is how I describe Kinected. When I first started, I met with Matt and we discussed my goals. He listened. He digested. He, of course, knew what was possible in what period of time. And, he has always been there acting as an overall guide.

Kinected: What’s you’re favorite prop/exercise/piece of equipment?

HK: Here’s my answer (and it’s a different spin): my body. My ‘favorite’ move is the move that I can do better than I could do the month before.

Kinected: What makes Kinected unique?

HK: It’s really the overall management and the staff that’s there to execute the vision. The vision is clearly to achieve ‘the goals and needs of the student/client’. It is not just about going to a class or having a session. Kinected will give you back as much as you put in. That’s a great feeling for me.

Kinected: How have dsc_0249.jpgyou seen the studio evolve? What has remained a constant for you?

HK: Well, I have seen the teaching aspect of Kinected increase. I do love having a session when all of the students are there. Very uplifting! But, the constant is really the consistency. I pay good money and put in real valuable time. I am rewarded with professional performance from Kinected EVERY week, week in and week out.

Kinected: What’s the biggest difference (or a difference) that you’ve noticed in yourself since you began?

HK: Well, you’ll have to ask Dianne for the best opinion. But, I am so happy with my overall physical health, strength, flexibility. It has been 2years since I ‘tweaked’ anything out on the golf course. My swing is better because I am able to move in ways I simply could not years ago. And, my surgically repaired knee effected many parts of my body (foot, hip, etc.). With the help and guidance of the Kinected staff, I have corrected so many things. I have not been this well ‘put together’ in more than 10 years!

Stay tuned for future features with clients & staff, fun facts about our family abroad, and more!  Come & visit us on Monday, 8/5, for our kick-off celebration — $5 off classes all day long, sweet treats from Enlightened, and raffle to be entered to win Kinected swag!

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