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Training to Heal kinectED

Training to Heal kinectED

We are so excited that Joy Puleo is teaching an all new kinectED course: Body Wise Connection: Training to Heal! This course is designed to teach instructors the process a breast cancer patient encounters from diagnosis to the “new normal”. Pausing at each potential junction in the journey: diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, lymphedemia, adjuvant therapies, and finally the “new normal”. We explore what each of these moments require medically as well as the physical and emotional implications. At each stage we also explore movements that are designed to restore function, support the individual and restore physical trust and empowerment.

5 things participants will learn in this workshop:
– 1 in 8 women (12%) will receive invasive breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime and breast cancer remains the most common cancer of women worldwide
– That breast cancer not only effects a woman physically but undermines the very essence of a women’s experience from loss of breast tissue, to potentially loss of hair due to chemotherapy and in many cases pre-mature menopause due to hormonal adjuvant therapies.
– How to move clients through each stage of breast cancer from diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, to hormonal treatments and help them usher in a ‘new normal’
– Pilates and GYROTONIC® inspired movements designed specifically to help facilitate motility and healing to tissues damaged from surgeries and subsequent treatments
– How to deal with cancer and its emotional fallout of the diagnosis and medical interventions and how movement can help to physically empower women through this challenging time.

Fee: 200.00
Kane School CECs = 4
This workshop is PMA Approved

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