4-part masterclass series!

4-part masterclass series!

Join the Kinected staff Kelly Kane, Matt McCulloch, Kristen Rizzuto and Stephanie Bittner for a 4-part master class series on the equipment – each focusing on an individual region of the body. Experience programming on and off the equipment that will not only deepen your awareness but re-enforce + reawaken those firing patterns that have become desensitized due to overtraining. Register below!

$50 per class // 4-pack: $190
1 Kane School CEC per class

Fri, 8/2: 1-2:15pm
Lower extremity with Kelly on the reformer – REGISTER NOW
Thurs, 8/8: 12-1:15pm
Core Firing with Matt on the reformer + chair – REGISTER NOW
Thurs, 8/15: 1-2:15pm
Upper extremity with Kristen R. on the reformer + BOSU – REGISTER NOW
Thurs, 8/29: 12-1:15pm
Global movement with Stephanie on the Cadillac – REGISTER NOW

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