kinectED: Advanced Reformer Intensive

kinectED: Advanced Reformer Intensive

504Hitting a ceiling with your advanced reformer choreography? Are you finding it difficult to break your client out of the intermediate reformer rut and move them into the advanced choreography world safely? Join Kinected Director Matt McCulloch for his Advanced Reformer Intensive as he covers both original and contemporary advanced reformer choreography. Also covered in the workshop:
  • pacing & programming of the advanced and super advanced choreography
  • modifications to progress intermediate clients safely into the advanced level choreography
  • an introduction to the super advanced choreography and little known exercises such as scorpion, control balance arabesque, high bridge, grasshopper, breast stroke, rocking, russian, head front and back & bridge with arm pulls (see pics below!)
  • spotting techniques & transitions for the super advanced exercises that provide a safer and more confident atmosphere for both instructor and client
  • palpation of key muscles groups in the advanced choreography to allow the client to focus on the true emphasis of the movement

Saturday & Sunday, 6/21 & 6/22: 9am-2pm – there are limited spaces available; sign up now!




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