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kinectED: Healthy Necks

kinectED: Healthy Necks

373Puzzled by healthy neck mechanics for abdominal exercises? Mystified by the musculoskeletal anatomy of the cervical spine and cranio-cervical junction? Find answers to these questions and more in our next kinectED workshop: Healthy Necks with Kelly Kane. Kelly will take a closer look at the classic principles of cervical nod and curl and help develop your eyes and hands so that you can facilitate clients in group and one-on-one settings. Participants can also expect to:

  • develop a three dimensional understanding of healthy neck mechanics in supine, prone and seated exercises through visual presentation and self palpation
  • investigate normal and pathological movement patterns at the cranio-cervical juncture and in cervical spine
  • analyze the most efficient muscular recruitment patterns for cervical nod and curl
  • learn ways to assess unhealthy patterns in head and neck movement and ways to facilitate our clients to move with ease and without pain
  • develop acuity in our visual and manual assessment of head and neck mechanics

Healthy Necks – Date: Friday, 11/7: 2-6pm; Cost: $225; CECs: Kane School = 4 hours — save your spot now!

Next up: Vocalates™ Workshop: Applying the Pilates Method to Vocal Production with Michelle Spinner & Candace Walters — Saturday, 11/15: 9am-5:30pm

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