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kinectED: How Did Joe Know?

kinectED: How Did Joe Know?

481Learn about the lat/hamstring connection in our next kinectED workshop: How Did Joe Know? with Christine Romani-Ruby, PT, MPT, ATC (worth 14 Kane School & PMA CECs). In this workshop, see how lats and hamstrings disrupt movement patterns becoming the root of shoulder, back and neck pain. Then explore the Pilates repertoire that re-creates balance in them. 

Course Objectives:

  • Students will identify the origin, insertion, and normal movement patterns of the latissimus dorsi and the hamstring muscles.
  • Students will review evidence of how the latissimus and hamstring muscles can compensate for weak or short muscles.
  • Students will demonstrate Pilates exercises on all apparatus that promote healthy function and balance of the latissimus dorsi and the hamstring muscles.
  • Students will assess functional movement and identify poor function of latissimus dorsi and hamstring muscles as a component of that poor function.

 Sat & Sun, May 31st & June 1st: 10am-5pm – sign up now!

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