kinectED: Local & Global Strength and Conditioning

kinectED: Local & Global Strength and Conditioning

479This month’s kinectED offering Local & Global Strength and Conditioning is a feast for Pilates mat instructors hungry for more ways to amp up their class programming. Taught by Kelly Kane, the workshop will focus on re-visiting local strength and exercise progressions that optimize the Kane School core principles as well as integrating global strengthening principles into a Pilates based class. Participants can expect to:

  • Explore a three dimensional understanding of the Inner and Outer Unit anatomy and function through presentation and partnering labs
  • Learn tools to create programming for local and global conditioning and balance by examining the physiological basis for MVC (maximum voluntary contraction) under sub maximal and maximal loads
  • Explore working in maximum and sub maximal loads while applying the biomechanical principles of shoulder stabilization, inter-segmental stability & lumbo-pelvic stability in the classic Pilates repertoire
  • Learn how to integrate local biomechanics while strengthening global structures through squats, push-ups & pull-ups

Sign up now for the workshop: Friday, February 28th: 1-6pm!

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