kinectED: Pilates Programming for the MS Client

kinectED: Pilates Programming for the MS Client

505MS is a disease that is often misdiagnosed and can manifest in many different ways, confusing to the client as well as the instructor. In mentee participant Meghann Koppele’s Pilates Programming for the MS Client the pathology, symptoms & contraindications of MS will be demystified and thoroughly investigated. Modified exercises on the mat, reformer, cadillac & chair will be introduced as well as myofascial release techniques to increase proprioception. Workshop participants will also have the opportunity to:

-Understand the effects that MS has on the body in order to have the confidence to work with a client that has MS.

-Learn a basic gait assessment and how to apply that information in sessions.

-Develop hands-on skills to assist clients in completing the exercises with proper form.

-Learn how to incorporate the Kane School ball and foam roller for releases as well as exercises.

-Learn modifications for advanced clients and clients with limited mobility, including wheel-chair bound clients.

Friday, 7/18: 1-6pm / CECs: Kane School = 5 hrs / Cost: $150 – sign up now!

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