kinectED: The Male Client | Kinected Studio
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kinectED: The Male Client

kinectED: The Male Client

402In our upcoming kinectED workshop, The Male Client, studio co-director Matt McCulloch will help you master your male clients with a thorough investigation of male anatomy, posture, muscular development, and mindset. Participants will be advised on mat & equipment-based programming and will learn about injuries afflicting male clients. Also in this workshop:

  • Learn how to assess the male client
  • Learn how to program for hernias- sports hernias as well as inquinal direct and indirect
  • Learn how to help men access their pelvic floor and educate them on its importance
  • Learn how to program for a diastasis in men
  • Learn how to interpret the male fitness psyche and retain male clientele

Date: Saturday, 1/17: 9am-2pm; Cost: $200; CECs: 5 hours

Save your spot today!

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