Meet Elizabeth Whitney our All-Star Retail Manager
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Elizabeth Whitney

Retail Manager

Elizabeth strives to connect students to their own power in all its manifestations and to light the fire of possibility inside them, creating an environment where they can begin to find a balance between strength, flexibility and presence. Elizabeth’s classes fuse her training in both yoga and Pilates, combining creative vinyasa flow with a strong focus on core stabilizers. Her Pilates classes focus on breath and combating postural tendencies with a dual purpose of a better sensory connection to supportive musculature and a deeper sense of body attunement. Expect challenging core work, alignment-based strength training and to feel taller, decompressed and potentially sore the next day. Elizabeth hopes to build awareness towards more supportive and enduring ways of movement of the mat, and to inspire curiosity, self-reverence, humor and personal growth at each and every stage of life. Elizabeth studied yoga with Jule Dohrman and completed her Pilates Mat and Equipment training certification through The Kane School of Core Integration.