mentor program: that’s a wrap

mentor program: that’s a wrap

Our recent mentor graduate Stefanie Gordon reflects on her experience in kinectED’s mentor program. To read more about her experience, check out her previous posts here and here!

My mentorship has finally come to an end. We laughed, We cried. We palpated many an ASIS and pelvis_tnPSIS. Well, two out of the three happened; I can’t recall any tears being shed. I can say now, without hesitation, that my mentorship experience at kinected has been invaluable to my growth as an instructor. It forced me to think out of the box at times when I just wanted to color inside the lines. It made me really bone up on my anatomy (I’m still thinking in FAMI puns). Most importantly, it made me confident in my ability to make intuitive, thoughtful decisions in my everyday work as a movement therapist.

I was able to focus on my topic of choice: Pilates for athletes, specifically Pilates for runners. I taught lectures and helped to supervise teach. I created and implemented my own curriculum for a Pilates for runners mat class. I even got used to having questions poised at me utilizing the Socratic method (and eventually gave correct answers!)

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I loved being a part of the quirky, colorful and brilliant kinected/FAMI community. I learned and co-taught with amazing instructors that could wax poetic about the Psoas and pelvic floor. This is what I will miss most: the passion and creativity that surrounded me daily.

Special shout out to Matt and Stephanie for their hard work and guidance in my mentorship journey…and the kinected community as a whole! This isn’t a goodbye, just a short hiatus.

Interested in becoming a mentor student, or learning more about the program? Email our education manager, Stephanie, today.

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