virtual pop-up class: lifting + core function

virtual pop-up class: lifting + core function

Lifting and Core Function with Jinny McGivern, PT
Sat, 2/19: 10-11am EST

Lifting is an activity involving your whole body. We lift things as part of daily life and also as part of fitness routines. It can be challenging if you have or have had pain. Explore the different flexibility + strength components of an efficient lift and then practice strategies putting all of the pieces together — strategies that can be applied to lifting a container of milk out of the fridge or a kettlebell at the gym.

– chair, stool or other firm seating surface
– theraband (moderate tension)
– yoga strap
– pillow
– 3-5lb weight or object of similar weight (can use a jug of water filled halfway or fully)
– foam roller
– small ball (softball or pinky ball sized)

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