instructor spotlight: Molly MacGregor

instructor spotlight: Molly MacGregor

12794491_10153219280186991_1621945152483346970_nMeet Molly!

This magnificent instructor has joined Kinected’s staff and she recently answered a few fun Qs for this month’s instructor spotlight.

Here’s the scoop:

Fave muscle?

So many beautiful ones to choose from!  I don’t know if I have a favorite, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the multifidi and rotatores.  They are so intricate and elegant, and run the entire length of the spine, literally lacing it up, bottom to top and top to bottom.  They are small but mighty, doing the very important job of creating spinal segmental stability, with the multifidi forming the “back wall” of your inner unit as well as being the only muscles with fibers that lay across the posterior sacrum.  If you place your fingertips on your lumbar spine and engage your pelvic floor without moving anything else, you can feel your multifidi co-contract.  That’s pretty wild and amazing.

Preferred Prop?

I love the overball for sensation/mobility/destabilizing, therabands for portability and versatility with creating resistance for yourself in a myriad of exercises, foam roller for finding a weighted plumbline, pinky ball for release work (hello, feet!), and physioball for buoyant bodyweight work in different orientations.

Fun fact about you?

In addition to my work with Pilates, I teach dance at a public elementary school here in the city.  I work with kids in Pre-K through fifth grade and have developed a Creative Movement + Movement Analysis curriculum for all grades over the last six years.  The kids are incredible and so, so smart.  Facilitating harmonious, creative movement knowledge for movers of all ages really floats my boat.

I was also in the movie Frances Ha, dancing!

Catch Molly in the studio on Mondays and Fridays: 1-7pm. Book a session with her now!

MOLLY MAE MACGREGOR moved to New York from her hometown of Austin, TX in 2004. She received her BA in Theatre & Dance from UT Austin (2003) and her MA in Dance Education from NYU (2010).  For the last several years, Molly has been building a comprehensive Dance/Creative Movement curriculum and methodology for all ages and stages of development and teaching in public and private schools and studio settings here in New York.  She also continues to create and perform professionally.  Pilates is and has been a thrilling and invaluable world in her life, rich with body-knowledge and specificity, and she is extremely excited to be here at Kinected, sharing it with you!  Through guided, individualized sessions, you will cultivate movement patterns that are healthier and more harmonious for the body, building strength, stamina, ease, and efficiency.


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