Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight

If you’ve been following or perusing our blog, you no doubt have become familiar with and definitely inspired by our lovely Priti.  Now coming on staff as an instructor, we’d like to introduce her in the good old fashioned way:

Meet Priti!

Priti Radhakrishnan is a pilates teacher in New York city. She received her certification in both mat and apparatus/equipment from the Kane School/Kinected and is certified in both pre-natal and post-partum pilates. Prior to embarking on her journey as a pilates teacher, Priti worked for nearly a decade as an attorney fighting for access to affordable medicines for patients living in poverty in the developing world. She has lived, travelled and worked in over 20 countries.  Priti came to pilates through rehabilitation after sustaining dance-related injuries, introducing her to a therapeutic form of movement. She plans to combine that with her experience working in clinical and low-income settings: her dream is to ensure that pilates is available to everyone regardless of economic status.

Fav muscle? Piriformis.  As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

Preferred Prop? Foam roller.

Fun fact? I am a closet Mexican food addict, my husband and I have matching bikes and never ride publicly together, and despite all odds I’m hoping for another Celtics-Lakers matchup in 2012.  

Book a private session with Priti starting September 20th: Tuesdays, 7am-12pm.  

















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