Instructor Spotlight: Anna Vollmar!

Instructor Spotlight: Anna Vollmar!

Anna VollmarWe are thrilled to welcome the lovely Anna Vollmar back not only to New York, but also to kinected – and as a teacher trainer to boot! Read on to learn more about her background, teaching philosophy, upcoming Therapeutic Pilates class & a few fun facts, too…

Q: What brought you back to NYC?

A: I missed the community and learning environment in New York. I was excited for the opportunity to come back as a Teacher Trainer for the Kane school and as an instructor at kinected.

Q: What have you learned teaching in different environments that you are implementing at kinected?

A: I think my work with dancers of all ages from recreational to professional level has honed my eye for working with individuals from all populations in Pilates. I love the detail and problem solving side of Pilates; being able to explore and be creative while working in different environments like dance studios, in-homes, and large workshop settings has given me even more possibility now being back in an amazing space like kinected.

Q: What’s your favorite class to teach at kinected?

A: My passion is to work with dancers, but in general I love to get nitty-gritty with the basics and core principles in a mat class, to really help people accomplish all they are capable of and feel the work deepen with the tiniest of adjustments. I’m excited to begin a Therapeutic Mat class which will have a monthly theme and discuss biomechanics, injury rehab/prevention, and specific exercises for different areas of the body.

Q: What’s your preferred prop?

A: It’s so hard to pick just one! I always carry a yoga block with me – with it you can support your pelvis, your head, use it in bridging or between your inner thighs – you can even stand on it…in a perfect world I’d have block, bumpy ball and theraband with me at all times and I’d be set…

Q: What’s your favorite muscle?

A: Gluteus Medius. We have a bit of a love/hate relationship, but when it’s functioning efficiently everything down the chain in my legs feels so much better! Plus it gives you a cute little dimple in your butt…

Q: Fun fact about you:

A: I have a lovely old hound dog I rescued two years ago named Albie, named for Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter 😉

Book with Anna Tues, Wed & Fri mornings as well as Monday afternoons and evenings, and look out for her Therapeutic Pilates class – an effective monthly series focusing on injury treatment and prevention – coming soon!

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