Instructor Spotlight: Meet Oron

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Oron

Meet Oron!

Oron Fiksel PT, DPT, CFMT moved from Tel Aviv to New York in 2008 and completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Long Island University. During his second year as a student, he had taken multiple continuing education courses through the institute of Physical Art. Following his graduation in 2012, Oron moved to Milwaukee and completed the Orthopedic residency in Functional Manual Therapy/IPA and passed the CFMT with honors. In addition, Oron holds a degree from Wingate College for Sport (Israel) in Physical Education with a strong emphasis on treatment in children with postural dysfunctions.

Prior to moving to New York, Oron had worked as a personal trainer, strength and conditioner and spinning instructor. Oron believes in treating the body as an integrated system with an holistic approach in order to facilitate and improve function.


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