Instructor Spotlight: Meet Rosalind!

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Rosalind!

Rosalind.Moore.02.14-3686bMeet Rosalind!

Rosalind is an instructor with over twelve years experience practicing Pilates. While using the method to successfully rehabilitate total knee reconstruction she discovered that a strong grounding in Pilates allowed her to safely pursue fitness in many forms for the first time. After years as a client at Kinected Rosalind earned her Mat and Equipment certification at the Kane School of Core Integration. She is devoted to helping her clients find strength, length and stability by integrating the core principles of Pilates into a well-rounded fitness experience that is challenging, mindful, and fun. Rosalind lives in the East Village with her French Bulldog, Hippo.

Fave muscle:  My favorite muscle is the diaphragm. Once we find our diaphragmatic breath it becomes so much easier to access the deepest layers of the core and truly stabilize the spine, particularly the lumbar spine. Moreover, when the diaphragm moves evenly and easily with our breath the kidneys and adrenal glands get a delightful massage which everyone needs, especially New Yorkers!

Preferred Prop: My preferred prop is the foam roller. I use it both for mobilization (rolling out the thoracic spine, quads, etc) and also for adding balance and instability challenges when exercises like bridging and planking start getting too easy!

Fun fact: Fun facts…make me uncomfortable. Maybe that’s fun?

We sure think so! Get on Rosalind’s schedule today.



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