Kane School Confessions

Kane School Confessions

On the fence about Pilates teacher training? Looking for more than a generic course description to pique your interest? Check out the Kane School–our certification program at Kinected–& hear from Kane School converts about their first-hand experiences in the Comprehensive Mat program. Questions? Contact Stephanie at education@kinectedcenter.com. 

Real World Application                                                                                          by Josephine Yeh (Sep ’10 Mat student)

I graduated from Kinected’s Comprehensive Mat training program this past summer, and I’ve been working steadily in the field for the past four months. The training program gave me the necessary tools to work with a diverse clientele—from the elderly woman with osteoporosis and a hip replacement to the mid-30’s weekend warrior who wants more variety in his training.

Though I come from a dance background, I had only a superficial understanding of anatomy and biomechanics prior to the program. Since becoming a student here, the program not only gave me a strong theoretical foundation in how our bodies are structured, but it also taught me how to apply this theory to real, moving beings.

The supervised teaching hours were most valuable in this regard. Working with actual clients under the guidance of Kinected’s experienced instructors helped to refine my teaching skills, and it also taught me the ins and outs of working within a studio environment.

I’d highly recommend Kinected’s Comprehensive Mat Training. Kelly Kane, as well as all the other teachers there, are gifted at what they do. You’ll not only learn the basics of anatomy and biomechanics, but also what it takes to become an effective and sought-after instructor.

Pilates Reformed and Reform through Pilates                                                    by Lucie Baker (Aug ’11 Mat student)

In the process of becoming a Kane School certified Pilates mat teacher I have become more of the person I want to be. One of my goals in life is to help people discover their own bodies. So often in contemporary society we view our bodies as a transport for our brains and ignore the incredible wisdom that is stored right in our muscles and bones. I am now able to guide and support people in becoming healthier, more joyful in movement, stronger and more comfortable in their bodies through the Pilates form. It is due to the supportive atmosphere and incredible wealth of knowledge and experience offered by Kane School instructors that I can provide that for my students. I am forever thankful.

Spending time at Kinected has been enlightening. My first experiences with Pilates were less than exciting. I found the exercises dull and I always felt tight after a class. As I took classes at Kinected I was able to access a whole new feeling through the intelligent cueing of the instructors.  I found the open minded approach to Pilates liberating and the attention to detail an incredible asset. It completely changed my experience of the form. The philosophy of the training places individuality over conformity in order to serve the clients in the most effective way. This is one of the most valuable elements of the Kane School program. No two bodies are alike and they shouldn’t all be treated the same. Something I had thought impossible in Pilates before. I’m glad I was proven wrong.

I have enjoyed the community at Kinected. The studio attracts those who are passionate and curious about the body. They are the kind of people that get excited about posterior diaphragmatic breathing and hip differentiation. I can ask all the questions I want (and I ask a lot of questions) because everyone is searching for the answers together. We are all explorers of the same mysterious continent: the body. It has been a pleasure.

Rejuvenation and Pilates                                                                                         by David Gilheany (Jan ’11 Mat student)

2009 was a rough year for me.  My fiancee and I split up, and not long after that, my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She passed away only a few months later.  It was not easy losing the two most important people in my life.  I wallowed around in the muck & molasses of depression and self pity.

About 2-months after my mom died, I was walking through my hometown and I saw a Pilates studio.  I had tried a few Pilates DVD’s with my ex-fiancee.  Based on those experiences, I disliked Pilates.  Ouch, what a terrible “neck workout”.  Hah!  But I looked through the studio windows, fascinated by all the equipment that looked like medieval torture devices!  Hmmm, so interesting and somehow appealing!…

The next evening I had dinner with a close friend.  At one point I was verbally thrashing the universe, every god in the book, and “this stupid, unfair world.”  In the middle of my rant I stopped and said, somewhat tongue in cheek, “So, I noticed a Pilates studio in town yesterday.  Oooh, little hometown moving up in the world!”

With that, my friend poked her finger right into my chest and said, “That’s what you need to do.  You need to go take some Pilates classes.  They will straighten you out and fix your effed up attitude.”

So I signed up and took a mat class.  I did not do very well.  But for one full hour, the crushing pain in my heart melted away.  All I could think was, “Holy jeez, I’m shaking uncontrollably!  How am I going to get through this?!!”..  Afterward, I actually felt happy!  And I wanted MORE!

I began taking classes regularly, as often as money and time could afford.  I could feel life coming back into my being!  I could feel my confidence magically returning.

Not long after I started practicing, during a conversation with another friend and fellow Pilates student, I expressed that if I could ever get good enough, I would consider teaching Pilates.  I said how if Pilates could help me so profoundly, I wanted to help other people experience the magic of Pilates.  Well, my friend told the studio owner what I said.  Sarah, the studio owner exclaimed, “I think you’d make a GREAT instructor!  Let’s get you trained & certified.  You have a job; you’re hired!”  She smiled and shook my hand.

So, a year after taking my first mat class, after much research, and while feeling quite encouraged, I decided to sign up for the mat certification at the Kane School.  Two other instructors, (fellow “Kaners” or “Kane Schoolers” as we like to say), at the studio had completed the entire program, and I was impressed with their classes and instruction.  In addition, what can I say, I’m partial to New York.  I love the city.

What I did not realize, but quickly discovered that first day of Comprehensive Mat, is that Kelly Kane has a spirit and persona that is larger than life!  The divine quality of her instruction, the depth of her knowledge & experience, and her gentle humility, while adding a healthy dose of her amazing sense of humor, made for an incredible beginning to my Pilates journey.  Kelly Kane’s positive attitude is infectious!  She made us feel right at home.  What an inspiration!

We immediately began working intensively with fellow classmates.  We also worked with the Expert-level instructors on staff.  Every staff member at the studio is focused on, and committed to, helping other people, the students and clientele alike.  I never felt a sense of ego, competition, or intimidation while in classes, or during supervised teaching/observation hours.  Pretty incredible!

While working on my certification hours, I started to see the Kane School program/Kinected Studio as a living, breathing organism.  To me, it is exactly that.  A beautiful studio and awesome school set up perfectly for integrating practitioners into the world of Pilates instruction.  The approach at the Kane School sets the program apart and makes it super special.

There is a very holistic and open-minded approach to the body at the Kane School.  Since every body is different, I can really appreciate that the school acknowledges this.  I feel that the Kane School doesn’t just produce great Pilates instructors.  The Kane School transforms you into a movement specialist!  How cool is that?!!

I see my mat training at the Kane School as a pivotal moment, not only in my career, but in my LIFE!  Pilates helped pull me out of a very bad place, but the Kane School helped fuel my passion by inspiring me.  Through their program I earned the confidence and know-how that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and jump right into the fire with both feet, smiling the whole way!

I have now been actively teaching for nine months.  The clients are wonderful.  They enjoy my classes as much as I enjoy teaching them.  I can truly say it is a mutually rewarding experience.  Beautiful!

I’m anxiously looking forward to continuing my Phase I & II training (equipment training) at the Kane School.  The Kane School rocks!  If you’re wondering if you should sign up, do yourself a favor and DO IT!  Become a fellow Kane Schooler.  You will not regret it!

More to come! Check back in soon for more Kane School testimonials.

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