Judy Thurau

Instructor, Resident

Judy has struggled with alignment issues and pain due to scoliosis her entire life. To stay in shape she studied karate for 5 years and received her brown belt. Unable to continue due to the pain she tried different treatment programs and exercise modalities. After breaking her ankle in 2006, her alignment became worse. A friend recommended Pilates to help strengthen her ankle and adjust her alignment. Her journey to recovery began with her first class.


Judy has been training for over 12 years in Pilates. Her belief and love of Pilates continues to grow every day. She has been able to greatly improve her mobility, alignment and pain. All of the hard work over the years has made her the strongest she’s ever been.


Seeing the huge benefits of Pilates she decided to learn more for herself and others. Judy’s mission is to share her passion and help others experience the benefits of Pilates. She hopes to show others how to better organize their body through awareness, breath, and movement. Judy has received her anatomy, mat and equipment certifications through Kinected. Judy is thrilled to be part of the Kinected team.


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