healthy hint: ergonomic texting

healthy hint: ergonomic texting

texting ergonomics_kinectedTexting is a deeply ingrained part of our lives. However, it increasingly impacts our posture in a negative way. When at all possible, integrate in these suggestions when you use your phone.

  • Sit up on your ischial tuberosities (sit bones) evenly.
  • Place your back against a wall or even surface utilizing the wall as feedback to keep your back in a vertical position.
  • Hold your phone at a level that allows your gaze to be level and not down.
  • Pull your humeral head back and focus on depressing your scapula

These points should decrease tension in your neck, shoulders and back. 373

For more tips on how to deal with neck pain, see here. For more ways to adjust your posture while working on devices, read on:

For periods longer than thirty minutes, use a laptop stand and a separate keyboard and mouse. Bringing your screen to or just below eye level and your keyboard to elbow height will minimize strain to your joints and muscles.



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