Shira Tavor

Instructor, Resident

Shira moved to NYC from Isreal in 1998 to further her education in theater and body movement. Over the last 15 years, she became certified in different body consciousness techniques, such as yoga, meditation and Pilates. These methods helped her to focus her teaching practice by introducing a balanced approach to helping her students, many of which had chronic conditions that interfered with wellness and healthy living.


The Kane School has offered Shira the education she was seeking to help integrate, define, and apply her previous experience, by introducing a more clinical approach to her talent. She is personally grateful for the results she has achieved, through the disappearance of her own chronic ailments, experienced through her discomfort through scoliosis and childbirth.


After her Kane school of core integration and training, Shira is motivated to nurture her students to well being through this forward thinking approach, and is thankful to be a part of the Kinected Community. Book with her now!