Healthy Hint: Dealing with Neck Pains from Kerrie Flynn, LMT, RYT, CFT

Healthy Hint: Dealing with Neck Pains from Kerrie Flynn, LMT, RYT, CFT

Neck healthy hintThis month’s healthy hint comes from massage therapist, yoga instructor and certified AIS Flexibility Trainer Kerrie Flynn. Read on to snag her tips for easing those common pains in the neck.

Does Your Neck Hurt?  Massage and Stretch your Chest!!
Many people complain of neck pain – you know, that tight achy stiffness in the back of the neck and upper shoulders.  Upper neck agony is usually the end result of some very common repetitive actions such as working on computers for hours, poor slouching posture when driving, and to announce the new and most popular cause: constantly looking down at your smart phones and over stretching and fatiguing the neck and upper back muscles!  All of these actions cause shortened pectoralis muscles – otherwise known as tight chest muscles – although we don’t necessarily feel any chest pain.  Muscles like to be short and cozy – stretched and pulled all day creates the pain!

A good neuromuscular massage will calm down that uncomfortable neck and soften those rigid muscles, but to complete the job, stretch out and massage the chest muscles.  (Strengthening your upper back will maintain the posture).  Massage to the upper chest and shoulders feels soooo good!  It relieves emotional stress, releases the muscles’ tension and improves the posture.
An additional bonus: my sessions add a moist heating pad to your chest!  Neck pain – all better….try it!

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