instructor spotlight: Georgia Sanford

instructor spotlight: Georgia Sanford

georgia_sanford-headshot_kinectedMeet Georgia!

We’re thrilled for you to meet our newest instructor, Georgia Sanford. Learn a little bit more about her from our lil’ Q & A below, and book a session with her on Mondays and Fridays.

Q: Preferred Prop?
A: A bumpy ball! It’s a great tool to increase proprioception and those little tiny bumps gently knead into fascial tissue helping to release areas of tension. Personally, I love to use it to increase thoracic mobility!

Q: Fave muscle: Transversus Abdominis!
A: The way it compresses abdominal contents and decompressed the spine…Oolala. Seriously, this deep core muscle is key in operating with stability and without injury. Accessing the TVA can be a revelatory experience, inviting one to work with less strain and effort.

Fun fact:
Georgia’s early years were spent at the race track. Her mother would exercise horses and pony them out to the track. Meanwhile Georgia and her friends would ride their ponies around, try to hustle candy, and collect discarded tickets in the hopes that someone threw out a winner.

Hailing from the middle of nowhere, Southern Oregon, Georgia has traveled the world dancing with various musicians, burlesque performers, and NYC nightlife icons. Having sustained several injuries as a dancer and former competitive horseback rider, Georgia came to Pilates as a means to heal her body and its imbalances. At the encouragement of a good friend, she received her anatomy, mat and equipment certification through The Kane School of Core Integration, and has been accepted into the kinectED Residency Program.

Sessions with Georgia emphasize the importance of proper biomechanics and quiet focus in building a strong, connected, and responsive body. She believes in Pilates as an athletic healing modality, giving people the tools they need to exercise without injury and/or overexertion in a body positive and encouraging environment. A former employee of Equinox, she has encountered clients living with a wide array of chronic issues, those hoping to establish a re-connection to their bodies post-trauma or injury, and athletes of all sorts wishing to prevent injury and strengthen their fitness routine.


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