Women’s self-defense

Women’s self-defense

Out late on those warm summer eves? Traveling late into the night? Bike, walk or take transit home regularly — on your own? Read below for some valuable information on how to keep yourself safe, including details on our upcoming self-defense workshop!

My name is Steve Arboleda and I’ve been practicing martial arts for over 20 years, and teaching for over 10. Having grown up in New York City throughout the seventies, eighties, and nineties, I’ve always been aware of how dangerous this city can be – especially for women. From 2003-2006, I taught a Girls’ Self Defense class at East Harlem School, and have had many female student thoughout the years. When I was teaching in Harlem, I could see how the students felt a sense of empowerment knowing that they had the tools to take care of themselves in dangerous situations. I hope my seminar will be the beginning of that kind of empowerment for the women taking it.The upcoming women’s self defense workshop at Kinected will focus on practical techniques for women’s self defense, and will contain a strong mental component in addition to the physical. Keeping with the spirit of internal martial arts, both the mental and physical are equally important:

Physical– The internal arts teach principles of dynamic movement, leverage, and coordinated power, all of which can enable a female to equal the odds against a physically stronger aggressor.

Mental– Students will gain confidence by learning how to effectively defend against assaults. More importantly, they will also develop an increased mental awareness and intuition for avoiding violent encounters altogether.

The techniques will be taught in an easy to learn, step-by-step format in a safe, yet challenging, environment.

Safety tips:

The best option is not to be in a potentially dangerous situation in the first place.

The most effective weapon, in any situation, is AWARENESS:

-Pay attention to your surroundings. Make sure you see what’s around you. If you see or feel suspicious activity, change your route and get ready to run.

-Take your headphones off and limit prolonged cell-phone conversations while walking down the street.

-Call your friend or significant other before leaving for your destination so they know when to expect you when travelling late at night.

– Don’t display expensive technology or jewelry in public places.

-Don’t act, look, or dress like an easy target.

Want more?  Delve even deeper with us on Saturday, August 13th: 2:30-5:30 for a women’s self-defense workshop with Internal Arts!  Register by August 1st and save $25!

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