Matt McCulloch

Kinected Co-Founder, Kane School Co-Director

Matt McCulloch is an educator of fitness and movement professionals, co-founder of Kinected and co-director of the Kane School as well as co-director of the FAMI and FAMI – Level Two workshops. A classically trained dancer, he began studying Pilates over 20 years ago to rehabilitate a knee injury following 4 separate knee surgeries. He is trained in both original and contemporary approaches and over the past 15 years, he has educated hundreds of fitness professionals. Matt’s passion for movement and pilates has been the resource for creating many workshops and teaching tools for movement professionals. These workshops emphasize proper biomechanics and creative progressions and modifications based on the original Pilates repertoire. The wide range of workshops he has created are designed to focus on various injuries, joint replacements, additional orthopedic injuries and special populations such as the young athlete with developmental issues as well as neurological issues.


Matt’s passion for education extends beyond the fitness professional to the clinical world investing in his mission to bridge the gap of movement and medicine. He lectures to clinical professionals, frequently leading workshops fusing movement and clinical information on the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates and alternative therapeutic movement to DPT students at Hunter College and physiatry residents at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, and frequently presents at Pilates on Tour. Additionally, Matt incorporates pilates as well as many different modalities such as GYROKINESIS® & GYROTONIC® , CORE ALIGN and BODHI suspension straps and yoga. He is committed to utilizing several different modalities in his sessions with clients not only to extend their body education beyond Pilates, but because he also believes this approach creates more balance in their body and raises their BODY IQ. Book with him now.