Nolan Gardner


Nolan has been a practicing Physical Therapist since 2018, after receiving his Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy at Hunter College. He has since dedicated himself to the advanced study of Physical Therapy and Functional Manual Therapy, taking over 25 continuing education courses. His primary goal is to help patients of all types to restore function and return to the activities they are passionate about, while promoting healing and pain reduction.

Nolan has completed all requirements and will sit for the Certification in Functional Manual Therapy (CFMT) in August of 2023 with the Institute of Physical Art. Functional Manual Therapy is the foundation of how he approaches evaluation and treatment of his patients. He specializes in using an integrative and holistic approach to the human body, and helping patients to discover the root causes of their problems. He believes the body is an interconnected system in which the painful part is not always the “problem” part and that treating the whole person is vital in restoring function and solving complicated problems.

Prior to becoming a Physical Therapist, Nolan earned a Master’s of Science degree in Environmental Policy at Bard College. When Nolan is not treating patients, he enjoys bike touring, running, ultimate frisbee, soccer, squash, rock climbing, and yoga. His greatest hobby is as an amateur ethnomusicologist, collecting and categorizing music from around the world. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter and their cat.

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