the arthritic knee

the arthritic knee

The Arthritic Knee with Matt McCulloch

Fri, 5/17: 2-6pm // $180 // 4 KS CECs // in-person + virtual

Degenerative arthritis is the leading cause of joint replacements. Osteoarthritis creates many compensatory patterns that can lead to asymmetries in the kinetic chain. These patterns can then lead to many pathologies, back pain, poor hip biomechanics, SI joint pain and even increased lateral curvature of the spine. Many clients that have OA are athletic and highly functional and want to wait for joint replacement surgery until the timing is right for them. Join studio director Matt McCulloch as he breaks down programming for the arthritic knee. Exercises designed to address misalignment and functionality will be covered on the mat, reformer + chair. These exercises will support your client in their desire to “stay vertical,” active + balanced. This is the first workshop in a 3-part series “The Arthritic Athlete.”

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