The FAMI iPad App, reviewed by Madeline Black!

The FAMI iPad App, reviewed by Madeline Black!

What app(s) do you own (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow)? Which is your favorite?

I have shoulder, knee, and elbow. My favorite is the shoulder. The complexity of the relationships of the muscles is easier to see with the layers and the ability to turn the body to see all views.

What feature(s) excite you most about the app?

My favorite feature is choosing the layers, turning it for different perspectives, and being able to touch the muscle for identification. It is fun to think of the name and test myself.

How does the app serve your purpose? Please include specific examples of how & when you use it.

The FAMI app is a simple and interactive tool for studying muscles and joints. If a client asks a question about their body, it will be useful to be able to show them the structures in question. My clients are always interested to learning about their own bodies. I think they will enjoy seeing the anatomy in action.

If you use it in your work with clients/patients, how does the app directly benefit them?

Visual images are more effective in understanding anatomy. Rather then explaining verbally about what area of the body they need to focus on while training, the app will be quicker and clearer. We’ll have more time training than talking. The apps may give us an extra exercise or two in the session.

Would you recommend the FAMI apps as an educational tool for health & fitness professionals? If so, why?

Yes, I would recommend the FAMI apps. For health & fitness professionals, who want to learn the muscles from deep to superficial with the movement component, the app is a valuable tool. It is especially helpful to see the muscles on the whole skeleton and touch specific points to identify muscles, ligaments, joints and bursas. It can be useful in the moment as a reference tool during a session. Plus the teacher/trainer can quiz themselves for fun by identifying the muscle before touching it to confirm the name.


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