kinectED: Therapeutic Skills for Pilates Practitioners

kinectED: Therapeutic Skills for Pilates Practitioners

Scott Lyons headshotDo you find your self-exhausted from teaching and hungry for more information to support yourself and your clients?

Join Kelly Kane and Scott Lyons for our next kinectED workshop: Therapeutic Skills for Pilates Practitioners to sharpen your knowledge, therapeutic skills and intuition as you learn essential tools to maintain your energy, focus, and resiliency to sustain a long-term career.

Designed for instructors who seek a deeper understanding of assessment, cuing and hands-on guidance, this workshop draws from Kelly Kane and Scott Lyons’ eclectic backgrounds in movement therapy and psychology. Participants will delve into identifying and solidifying their boundaries – in order to reserve their own resources while empowering their clients. Participants can also expect to:

  • Address projection, transference and counter-transference in client-practitioner relationships.505
  • Fine tune body scanning techniques by learning how to exact their own “presence” practices, regional anatomy, and listening skills
  • Learn how to identify local and global hyper and hypo-tonicity and be given tools for modulating tone in the body.
  • Create a model for therapeutic assessments based on high and low tone, rigidity and neurological “tone” as a way to educate programming choices.
  • Have fun and learn about themselves as a way to better serve clients without burning out!

Cost: $525 (deposit $250.00)
CECs: Kane School = 15

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