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Staff Spotlight: Marie Zahn!

Staff Spotlight: Marie Zahn!

Marie Zahn Headshot edit crop copyRolfing has been a huge component of Marie’s maturation physically and psychologically since a young age.  Her whole family has been Rolfed, each with a different experience but whom all can advocate its authenticity and benefits. With a strong background as a dancer, movement has always been integral for Marie. Rolfing allowed further awareness of her body and shaped how she viewed herself and moved through life. She believed in it so much so that she became a Certified Rolfer, and now aspires to spread this experience to her clients.  Marie’s goal is to educate each person and his/her body to uncover its innate health. This education is verbal and hands-on bodywork in the connective tissue and nervous system, but it is important to note that the body creates the change that she only initiates.

More recently, Marie has been dedicating her time to advance her skills in areas Nerve.nida_of specialty: Visceral manipulation, pain education, and nerve manipulation. Visceral manipulation aims to release any restrictions in the organs to uncover their inherent motion and necessary range of motion. Any restriction in an organ results in misalignments in the musculoskeletal body. Education in pain science has proven to decrease overall pain in the body. Finally, in nerve manipulation, irritable or restricted nerve tracks that are often the cause of soreness, inflexibility, tingling, or numbness are located and released. A nerve can only function correctly when it is able to move freely within its surrounding structures.

 Read more about Marie’s approach to the body and book with her now.
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