Staff spotlight: Rachel Felson!

Staff spotlight: Rachel Felson!

Meet Rachel!

Rachel Felson is a Certified Rolfer®.  After years of athletics (soccer, skiing, yoga, tennis, hiking, kayaking), Rachel had accumulated numerous postural patterns and chronic pain which severely began to limit her physical activity. Because of Rolfing®, she was back on the hiking trails and ski slopes enjoying life as she remembered it — pain free.

Through manual manipulation of the connective tissue and special attention to the neural network she is able to help people from all walks of life, including ironmen, marathon runners, yogis, dancers, rock climbers, doctors, students, babies, mothers, fathers, artists, lawyers, and dog walkers. Rachel brings her wealth of knowledge and sincere dedication to making people feel more comfortable in their bodies so they can get back to living their life.

Q: What are you most passionate about in your work?

A: What I am most passionate about at the moment is working with the neural network. I specialize in working with athletes that have joint pain. The nerves that run through the shoulder and pelvic girdles are usually much less cranky and irritated after a Rolfing® session. The reason why I’m so obsessed with working with nerves is because my clients notice the positive effects almost immediately and a nerve Rolfing® session isn’t nearly as painful as old-school rolf sessions. Often, once a nerve is less irritated, I can then go in with the more “intense” Rolfing® tools and the fascia opens even more then it would have because the nerves have relaxed around and through it.

Q: Do I need to do the 10-series?

A: Your neck may hurt because you’re not getting the proper support from your feet. Your pelvis may be askew or your shoulders may be rounding forward. Until your entire body structure is re-balanced, your strained neck will remain strained trying to keep your head upright. Focusing where it hurts goes after symptoms, not the root problem.  Think of The 10-series like a tune-up for your body. The first three sessions work on your superficial layers of connective tissue. Sessions four through seven remove strain from deeper layers of the body. The last three sessions organize and align the body as a whole, providing better balance, enhanced freedom of movement, and a higher energy level.
The 10-series is tailored to suit each individual’s needs. As a general rule, each session is scheduled about 10 days to two weeks apart, The schedule is flexible. If necessary, breaks can be scheduled after sessions three and/or after session seven, both natural places for a pause. If you are indeed interested in doing the 10, what I recommend is that you commit to the first three sessions as it will be the appropriate amount of time to feel the effects in your body.

Q: Fun fact about you?

A: I love adventures in rain forests and hula hooping.

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Book a 75-minute session with Rachel on Mondays, 10-4 and Tuesdays, 12-9. Sessions are $150/each; 30-minute free consultations available upon request. Call us at (212) 463-8338 to schedule!

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