GYROTONIC® Applications for Equestrians with Michelle Spinner

GYROTONIC® Applications for Equestrians with Michelle Spinner

This course is for the Certified GYROTONIC® instructor who wishes to work more effectively with an equestrian clientele. Over three intensive days, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercises will be practiced that help horse-riders perform better when mounted – exercises that can ultimately improve the way riders communicate with their horses and help keep their bodies healthy for riding.

To learn more, we sat down with Michelle to answer some of our questions:

K: What inspired you to create the GYROTONIC® Applications for Equestrians Course?

M: My horse riding clients encouraged me to create a GYROTONIC® program for equestrians because they experienced such big improvements in their riding after they started working with me. And, it was a wonderful opportunity to combine two of my passions – GYROTONIC® exercise and horse riding.

K: How has the information in this course enhanced your clients riding performance?

M: My clients feel better and so do their horses. They are centered and better balanced in the saddle. They are easy on their horses’ mouths. They are able to flow with the motion of their horses at every gait. Transitions become more seamless. They can sit the trot smoothly and easily. Those clients who ride hunter/jumpers find that they can maintain a much more secure and resilient two-point position.

All Certified GYROTONIC® instructors are welcome. A familiarity with horse-riding is a plus, but it is not a requirement to attend the course.

Sept 25-27 10-6pm

Cost: $350 + $185 studio fee

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