kinectED: Pilates for MS™ & Neurological Condtions

kinectED: Pilates for MS™ & Neurological Condtions

526Want to delve deeply into working with neurological conditions? Our next kinectED workshop Pilates for MS™ & Neurological Condtions with Meghann Koppele, MS will cover the MS disease process in depth, as well as issues common to many neurological diseases. Included in this course:
  • the MS disease process will be covered in depth along with common issues among many neurological disorders emboldening participants to work with these populations
  • learn how do assess and work with some major MS symptoms such as balance difficulties, spasticity, tone, single side weakness, bladder problems and gait abnormalities
  • learn the principles and applications of neuromuscular rehab and neuroplasticity in exercise
  • develop skills to help create “detour circuitry” in the brain and spinal cord to work around the nervous system damage and to create better compensatory patterns
  • learn hundreds of exercises with modifications for advanced clients as well as clients with limited mobility, including wheel chair bound clients

Dates: Fri, 3/20: 1-7pm, Sat, 3/21: 10am-4pm, Sun 3/22: 9am-2pm; Cost: $750 (early bird discount $675 until 3/1/2015); CECs: Kane School & PMA = 16 hours

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