kinectED: Psoas Workshop | Kinected Studio
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kinectED: Psoas Workshop

kinectED: Psoas Workshop

Confounded by the nebulous iliopsoas? Wishing for x-ray vision to bring it into sharper relief? Kuan Hui Chew, psoas whisperer extraordinaire, will dispel your confusion with her popular Psoas Workshop. In this 2-day workshop, participants will: asdflkjasdflkjasdflkjasdf kjkjkj asdflkj asdflkj asdflkjlkasdfnl asdflkjasdfn  asdf

  • Explore the anatomy of the psoas and discover it’s unique three-dimensional movement patterns
  • Learn differences in functions between the upper and lower psoas
  • Get to know some commonly seen psoas dysfunctions
  • Learn how to spot and assess these dysfunctions
  • Thoroughly examine exercises that remedy these dysfunctions

Join Kuan this weekend – Saturday & Sunday, November 17th & 18th, from 9:00am to 1:00pm both days – to learn all of the above and more! Sign up here.

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