kinectED: The Foot: Understanding Standing | Kinected Studio
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kinectED: The Foot: Understanding Standing

kinectED: The Foot: Understanding Standing

unnamedWork your way from the bottom up in our upcoming kinectED workshop The Foot: Understanding Standing with Marcia-Elizabeth Baker-Thompson, MS, LAc. In this workshop, learn how the biomechanics of the foot can contribute to pain and disorder higher up the chain. Marcia-Elizabeth will also share basic reflexology and manual methods to enhance your work and personal practice, as well as equipment choreography tailored for the topic. Also in this workshop:

  • Learn how to manually identify skeletal anatomy of the lower extremity
  • Learn manual techniques for stabilizing the foot to address the most commonly occurring pathologies of the foot including but not limited to pronation/supination, bunions, inversion sprains & fallen arches
  • Develop visual and manual assessment skills to restore alignment to the foot while adding to your battery of verbal and manual cueing skills
  • Establish a basis for treating the foot vis-a-vis its relationship to and impact on the hip and SI joint
  • Create individualized protocols for your clients and have them reviewed by Marcia-Elizabeth and fellow participants in a supportive learning environment

Date: Saturday, February 14th: 1:30-5:30pm; Cost: $225; CECs: Kane School = 4 hours

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