Matt McCulloch at Erika Bloom Pilates

Matt McCulloch at Erika Bloom Pilates

399Pilates Programming for Golf and Racquet Sport Athletes with Matt McCulloch

Friday, November 15th: 2:30-7:30pm / Erika Bloom Pilates, 14 E. 60th St., 10th Fl / $200

Tennis players, golfers, and other racquet sport devotees are notorious for overusing certain muscles and underusing others. These improper biomechanics lead to injuries and an overall stunting of a playerʼs “game.” In this workshop, Kinected director Matt McCulloch, will delve deep into the complicated anatomy and biomechanics behind these sports, uncovering how to recognize bad habits and encourage the development of new ones. Matt will cover choreography utilizing both equipment and small props to help your athletic clients not only prevent injury but also take their game to the next level. 

Please email for more information or to RSVP.

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