Dominique’s Adventures in FAMI, Part I!

Dominique’s Adventures in FAMI, Part I!

Dominique Beaumont is a returning FAMI alum & guest instructor at Kinected this summer,  joining us from London on July 1. Here she shares her experience with FAMI in 2010 & her growing anticipation for FAMI 2013!  She’ll be writing for us throughout the coming weeks, so be sure to check back for more.


From fear to awe: The FAMI cycle continues and the countdown begins…

FAMI lab pic

During my first lab experience on the very first day of FAMI 2010, I was filled with nerves, excitement, anticipation and fear. Five minutes in and I was filled with awe, enthusiasm and a burning desire to learn more, know more, understand more and keep doing the aforementioned activities for the rest of my life. One of the beauties of the human body is that there is always more to learn, always something more to excite you. This has been the greatest gift of attending FAMI 2010 and the reason I am returning for a second time this year.

As a teacher of movement, seeing first hand the intricate way in which our bodies work, function and move has given me an intuition I never thought possible. At any given moment during my teaching I can be transported in my mind back to the lab where something that didn’t quite make sense two years ago will finally click and I’ll have one of those ah-ha moments that inspires me all over again to be better at what I do and keep learning.

My teaching cues have changed in a more creative, specific and functional way. iliopsoas-muscle2My clients all know where their ASIS’s are, they know what a psoas muscles looks like, where it attaches and how it functions, and they know what their brachial plexus is. My deeper knowledge of anatomy has inspired me to give my clients just that and as a result they move better, respond to my teaching better and view their bodies differently. 

I cannot wait to return this year to layer further information, passion and understanding on top of the foundation built previously. I know I’ll learn more, absorb more and leave with more. 6 weeks and counting…

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Dominique joins us from London, where she trained with Europe’s largest Pilates school, Body Control Pilates. With a background in professional athletics and a particular interest for anatomy and rehabilitation, she has worked alongside some of the best Pilates educators, continuing her training in the UK and NYC.  Dominique regularly trains athletes, helping them to stay injury-free and successfully works with clients suffering from a range of injuries and pathologies. Her passion is in working with her clients to functionally strengthen, condition and balance their bodies, enabling them to live pain and injury free.  She is also passionate about teaching — working as a teacher trainer mentoring students and guiding them through their training. She has had additional education on low back pain, should & neck injuries, pre & postnatal care & rehabilitation. More here!

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