Instructor Spotlight: Lee Rayment!

Instructor Spotlight: Lee Rayment!

Lee Rayment headshotA native of Arizona & an actor by training, Lee Rayment happened upon Pilates after having inexpiable knee pain at a young age. In Pilates he found a wonderful coalescence of all of the various movement modalities he had experienced over the years, from low-flying trapeze and ballroom dance to Balinese mask work. With Pilates he hopes to empower clients to live and move better in their bodies. Get the opportunity to work with Lee on Wednesdays & Fridays!

Don’t miss his answers to our 3 Qs:

Preferred prop: Rotating disks! A fun way to increase proprioception and challenge beginner & advanced clients.
Fave Joint: The talo-crural joint. It’s the body’s equivalent of “The Rural Juror”.
Fun Fact: While living in New Zealand, I spent two months living in a van. And yes, it was sometimes down by a river.

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