Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight

Meet Kathy!

After earning a B.A in Biology from Boston University, with an emphasis on human anatomy and physiology, Kathy decided to combine her passion for science with knowledge gained from twenty five years in the performing arts to become a certified Pilates Instructor. She holds certifications from the Kane School, the Pilates Academy International, AFAA, and Powerstrike. She is fascinated by the ways in which movement can implement profound change in the body.

Fav Muscle? “Levator Labii Superioris Nasi, a.k.a ‘The Elvis Muscle.'”

Preferred Prop? “The foam roller! It provides all around awesomeness — you can use it to work out your body as well as all of your kinks — your own private masseuse!”

Fun Fact? Kathy was a Charter Member of The Good Handwriting Club; Christ the King Elementary School, Haddonfield, NJ; 1983.

Don’t miss Kathy’s kick-butt classes:  2-3pm reformer on Mondays & 12-1:15 mat on Wednesdays, or the chance to work with her 1-on-1.  She’ll also be teaching a special May master class: Anatomy of a Beach Bum (May 11th!).  Sign up now!

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