Instructor Spotlight: Meet Bennalldra!

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Bennalldra!

Meet Bennalldra!

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Bennalldra Williams has always been fascinated by how the body works and the way it moves through space. Her belief that bodies are often vehicles of expression led her to the field of dance where she studied and has had a very exciting career. She has worked with such companies including the Alabama Ballet, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, and the New York-based Urban Bush Women. Recognizing that we are all movers whether trained by dance or by life brought her to GYROTONIC® as a conditioning method. She is now a certified trainer on both the expansion tower and the Jumping-Stretching board, which are specialized equipment for this system. Her continued quest for knowledge of the body brought her to the Kane School of Core Integration, where she received both her mat and apparatus Pilates certifications. She continues research on geriatric health and movement, scoliosis , and injury prevention and rehabilitation. Her BFA in Dance and Exercise Science: Fitness and Nutrition allows her to offer clients a great movement experience with a bio-mechanical approach. She hopes to help all her clients free their bodies to the passions of their heart.

Preferred Prop: “I love the bumpy ball because its small enough to be very portable and it’s so versatile that its like having a complete studio in one prop.”
Fave Muscle: “My favorite muscles are the gluteus because they are both fashionable and functional. It excites me how they help stabilize the trunk yet look so good in a pair of jeans.”

Fun fact: “I’m a sports fanatic, so I can always be found screaming at the TV in front of a game.”

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