Instructor Spotlight!

Instructor Spotlight!

Meet Kristen!

Originally from So-Cal, Kristen is a graduate from UC Irvine and an athlete for the UCI collegiate swim team.  An athletic background and an enthusiasm for physical fitness led to her Pilates certification through the Kane School.  When working with clientele, she emphasizes body awareness and positive physical transformation through healthy functional movement.  In addition to teaching at Kinected, she works as a Physical Therapy aide at Active Care Physical Therapy in Manhattan.  She keeps her own body active and fit with Pilates, GYROKINESIS® and cycling.

She answered some fun questions for us:

Fav muscle? “Multifidis!  It’s an integral player in the muscles of core stability, and it also extends, laterally flexes and contra-laterally rotates the spine. So fascinating!”

Preferred prop? “Bumpy Ball!  It challenges stability and is an excellent way to teach eccentric contraction of the abdominals in spinal flexion.”

Fun fact! “When outside the studio and not studying, I’m spending time behind the turntables where my latest musical loves falls under the punk, ska, and reggae genres!  Must be those southern California roots ;)”

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