Instructor Spotlight!

Instructor Spotlight!

Meet Marisol!

Marisol is an enthusiast of movement; an avid climber who loves biking around the city, running, yoga and hiking, she first discovered Pilates as a way to better understand and rehabilitate chronic knee and shoulder injuries. As a rock climbing instructor at UCSF and Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, Marisol found that incorporating Pilates into her instruction brought greater body-awareness to her student’s climbing, improved their technique and reduced over-use injuries.

In the fall of 2008 Marisol completed her mat teacher training under the direction of Jill Harris and Shona Curley at Informed Body in San Francisco.  She then moved to New York to complete her certification on the apparatus through the Kane School, where she received additional training in Pilates for pre/post natal women, individuals with scoliosis, spinal stenosis and disc herniations, a wide spectrum of athletic injuries and knee and hip replacements. Marisol is invested in combining anatomy, biomechanics and body-awareness with movement in her work at Kinected!

When not teaching Pilates, Marisol can be found at higher elevations in the Western U.S., teaching backpacking and climbing on 30-day courses for the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Favorite Muscle?

“The zygomaticus major and minor! They help you smile.”

Preferred Prop?

“The full roller. So versatile. Rolling out the IT Band, extreme balance moves and hamstring strengthening, pec stretching… the roller does it all.”

Fun fact?

Marisol was born on a small island north and east of Australia, is fluent in Spanish and most recently climbed Steel Crazy with a friend -an awesome, sporty, south-facing 4-pitch route on Mt. Lemmon, AZ!

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