residency program spotlight with Kai-Ting!

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residency program spotlight with Kai-Ting!

Our residency program is designed to help instructor meet the challenges they face + raise the bar for support and success. Combining paid employment with structured mentorship at a sensible pace, it’s our take on post-graduate education. Our current resident, Kai-Ting, shares about her experience…

Q: What led you to enter Kinected’s residency program?

A: I was wrapping up my teacher training at Kinected when I learned about the residency program. I had enjoyed my time at Kinected so much that I did not want to leave. I loved that every time I went into the studio, I learned something new. I would go home sharing random facts about the digestive system, kangaroos, or the shoulder socket. Even now, when my husband and I sit down to eat dinner, he asks me, “What did you learn today?”

Q: How has being a part of the program informed your teaching?

A: Matt and Meghann, who run the program, make the skill sessions varied and fun by integrating different disciplines with Pilates. For example, we learned how to do a bodybuilding exercise using Pilates principles. This has opened my mind as to where I seek inspiration for my teaching.

Q: What has surprised you about being in the program?

A: I went into the program as a student, with a desire to learn from teachers that I greatly admire, in a space that felt safe. I’ve found these things in the program. But, at the same time, the program has been a kick out of the bird’s nest. I’ve been pushed to find my own voice as a teacher.

More on the residency program:
▸ By application only, open to any graduate of the Kane School or Bridge Program
▸ 18-month curriculum
▸ Includes Core Elements: Foundation Work, Skill Sessions, Supervised Teaching, Core Faculty Mentor, Check-up, Case Presentation
▸ Includes Community Elements: Grand Rounds, Teacher Jams, Cup of Joe
▸ Interested? Email us with questions.

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