kinectED REcap: Wonky Bodies: Exploring Hypermobility

kinectED REcap: Wonky Bodies: Exploring Hypermobility

Rebekah2Last weekend, Pilates & movement educator, as well as osteoporosis expert, Rebekah Rotstein brought her popular Wonky Bodies: Exploring Hypermobility workshop to Kinected. Rebekah, a former ballet dancer and “wonky” body herself, earned her Pilates certification at the Kane School. She specializes in post-rehabilitation and furthers her education through ongoing coursework including yearly human cadaver dissection. Her interest in osteoporosis led her to create Pilates for Buff Bones® and serve as an ambassador for the Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education. With all of Rebekah’s credentials and the resonance of hypermobility in the Pilates community, nonetheless, the workshop was packed!

photo (1)In the lecture portion of the workshop, participants learned why hypermobile bodies are not necessarily hyper-flexibile. Rebekah introduced tactile cuing techniques to help stabilize loose joints as well as quick-fix tricks to reset “confused” joints and the muscle firing sequence.

photo (2)On the equipment, useful protocol and programming order to assist those with ligamentous laxity was covered. Rebekah emphasized ways to encourage hypermobile clients that she assured would make them eternally grateful and loyal!

Participants stuck around after the workshop to chat up Rebekah and ask questions; it was a lot of information for one day but Rebekah pulled it off!

Coming up at kinected: Rebekah will be holding a Pilates for Buff Bones® Instructor Training Feb 7-9! Learn more & register here. Stay tuned for 2014 Wonky Bodies dates & for more workshops from Rebekah by joining the kinectED email list (sign up with Check out the current kinectED line-up here!

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    Hi, I was most interested in this post. I feel I have some knowledge in this area, as I am one of those types of bodies – but also want to hear the opinions of others. I was wondering how one gets the password. Is this part of a membership subscription? Thank you,

    Laurie Nuger BodySense Pilates and Wellness / / *Love the Body You Inhabit*//

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