Pilates for Men Testimonial: Stephen William

Pilates for Men Testimonial: Stephen William


In honor of Movember, we’re celebrating men’s health by raising awareness and celebrating the men we love and the men who love Pilates. Long-time kinected client Stephen William shares his journey to Pilates and its effects on his health and well-being.

I started doing Pilates about 5 years ago at the suggestion of my wife. She’s now my ex-wife, but I continue to do Pilates at least once a week, with a goal of doing it two to three times. Does that mean that Pilates clears up your emotional life and entangled relationships? No, but I’ve found it can sure help you get through the rough patches. I was kind of a wreck when I started doing Pilates, and I found it to be a good place to sort through what was happening. As my awareness of my body grew, so did my awareness of my emotional states.

My group Pilates classes, and more lately my individual sessions, have served as a refuge of sorts for me from the stresses and impositions of the outside world. I find visiting Kinected to be a peaceful, restorative experience. The repetitive nature of the workouts gives my mind freedom to expand a bit — I’m not thinking so much about what I have to do next, as I know I will be guided by the instructors — and my muscles free themselves of a lot of tension and tightness as I stretch over the chair or work my way through the hundreds on the machines.

I was 52 when I started doing Pilates, and my joints and feet were starting to ache a bit at times – I found myself feeling the “accepted” aches and pains of growing a bit older. I didn’t like that feeling at all, as I was someone who liked to be active riding my bike, swimming, and walking around the city. Plus, I’m someone who has always felt young. Pilates has transformed those feelings. I don’t really have many aches and pains these days. From the start, the exercises helped me become more aware of my muscles and skeleton, so that now when I’m walking around, or getting up from a chair, or walking down the stairs, I’m conscious of how I’m moving and I try to do it well.

A huge plus has been meeting some wonderful people, from my fellow students to the instructors. There’s a level of care and connection that I don’t find at my regular gym. I really appreciate that on a cold winter morning.

I’m not much for recommending things to people, but I always find myself suggesting that my male friends do Pilates, because it makes me feel so good. I think many of my fellow men could benefit greatly from doing these workouts, which so many people typecast as designed only for women. Seriously, what man wouldn’t want to be more limber and comfortable as they get older? I’m 58 now, and I think I’ll be doing Pilates when I’m 90.

Stay tuned for more testimonials and don’t miss studio director joseph_pilates_rolloverMatt McCulloch’s upcoming masterclass, The Male Client, which proceeds will go to the Movember Foundation.
November 30th: 1-2:15pm, $25.

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