A highly beneficial workout (one day only)!

A highly beneficial workout (one day only)!

reciprocityDo it for you, and these kids:

The Reciprocity Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that offers homeless and foster care youth a means to break the cycle of poverty and transition to college, careers and independent housing. While some shelters off stand-alone yoga classes, the Reciprocity Foundation has a holistic center in which youth move seamlessly from yoga/pilates to career planning to media training—a methodology that helps youth cultivate wholeness.  A primary strength of our agency is helping youth learn how to connect the dots between “Inner Work” (yoga, bodywork, meditation, trauma recovery) and “Outer Work” (the pursuit of education, employment, housing, relationships, etc) in their everyday lives.

-Taz Tagore, co-founder of Reciprocity

We are thrilled to partner with the Reciprocity Foundation this month. All proceeds from Kelly’s 1:15 int-adv mat class, and Matt’s 2pm equipment circuit class on Tuesday, 4/23 will go to the Reciprocity Foundation’s yoga & meditation programs.  Get your spot now*!

For more information about how to donate, volunteer or attend a Reciprocity event, visit www. Reciprocityfoundation.org.

*Please note: Single classes only, no packages allowed, 1 yr mat & equipment experience required for both classes, respectively

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