get Kinected to your running

get Kinected to your running

This month, Kinected offers classes and dynamic warm-ups to NYC’s runners. Classes are held at Jack Rabbit Sports in Union Sq. Warm-ups take place at Kinected.


pilates for runners

when: Saturday 3/22  @ 8:30am taught by Tiana Fridley
where: JackRabbit Sports Union Sq.
42 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011

Injuries to the back and lower extremity are common in runners. Often the source is lack of core strength or flexibility.  This Pilates for Runners class will use specific props (foam rollers , thera-bands) to focus on increasing core strength and flexibility, preventing injury and increasing overall performance.

dynamic pre-warm-ups

when:  2/25 and 3/25 @ 7pm with Tiana
where: begin at Kinected, then run to Jack Rabbit!

This class will focus on firing your core stabilizers in a deeper way so they can support you throughout your run. Additionally, this class will release those tight muscle fibers prior to your run enabling you to achieve the ideal ROM in your stride. All of these tools will assist you in injury prevention throughout the cold weather.

March may be around the corner, but we’re still experiencing winter temps. Reluctant to lace up those running shoes in this weather? Read coach Patrick’s blog post on winter running, and get out there!

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