healthy hint: new year’s resolutions

healthy hint: new year’s resolutions


Every year, on January 1st, we make New Year’s resolutions that often involve addressing health dynamics in various ways – a commitment to a class, a new instructor or eliminating a bad health habit.

These goals usually fall by the wayside come February…large gyms benefit by selling memberships to individuals who don’t return after the first month, and individuals often finds themselves frustrated at their loss of focus and give up on their original goal completely.

How do we avoid this pitfall? It’s quite simple: take a hard look at your health and lifestyle and make decisions & commitments that make sense for you. Here are three recommendations we have for keeping that New Year’s pledge:

Skeleton_BumpyBall_round_kinected1. Pick a realistic time to take a class. One that fits in your life/ work schedule.

2. Choose an instructor that cares and can not only assess your current posture, alignment and strength but can additionally set goals with you that are attainable and meaningful to your overall health.

3. Choose goals together with your instructor that make sense for you. This will help you manage your frustration and at the end of the year, and will have a long-lasting positive effect on your health to boot.

At the end of the day you have one body, one health. Choose smartly and wisely with your New Years resolutions – it’s 365 days. We’re here to help you show up for all of them with your best and healthiest foot forward.

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