Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight

Meet Candace!

Candace received her Pilates Mat & Apparatus Certification from the Kane School, and her GYROTONIC Level I training from Kinespirit Studio, both located here in NYC.  She specializes in pre & post natal, scoliosis, spine and pelvic alignment, and the psoas muscle, to better address structural alignment issues.  She holds a BFA in Dance & Choreography from VCU School of the Arts, was on Broadway at age 11, and has been a professional performing artist since the ripe old age of 5.  Candace incorporates the influences of her artistic background, as well as various healing arts therapies that have helped her, into her teaching.  She offers a somatic minded fitness approach for increased strength, mobility, and symmetry, with the aim to improve her student’s overall health and efficiency for their daily lives.

Fave muscle? “The psoas — it’s the only muscle that truly connects the torso and the legs! How cool is that?”

Preferred Prop? “Yellow Bumpy Ball — nodules are great for proprioceptive training, and it’s perfect size for travel!”

Fun fact? “I can whistle through my teeth (and on pitch!)”

Book a private session with Candace today, or come check out her 8am reformer plus class on Tuesday mornings!

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